Rainbow Pencils

British designer Duncan Shotton created Rainbow Pencils as part of a Kickstarter campaign aiming to bring happiness to people’s everyday lives. Now fully funded, the rainbow pencils are made from layers of recycled paper that create rainbows each time they are sharpened. So cool! 

“Everybody uses pencils. From designers, writers and architects, to baby-sitters and receptionists. Pencils are just as at home with children as they are with adults and are a fundamental tool for creativity and learning.
When I started this project, I was looking at ways in which, without interfering with its basic function, I could improve such a standardised, accepted product to make people happier when they use it. That became rainbow pencils.”

I mean, this is clearly a product every designer (or design-centric) person needs! What a great and original way to re-introduce the pencil. I imagine that if more “mundane” products were given this treatment we would gladly revert back to hand-writing just for the pleasure of having to sharpen up. 

Designed by Duncan Shotton 
Country: Japan