Lakeside Maple

Anderson Design Group produced new branding for trail mix maker Lakeside Maple, which distinguishes itself with a homemade recipe that focuses on simple, healthy ingredients. 

Lakeside Maple's goal was to take their brand to the next level, so Anderson Design created a whole new logo and packaging scheme to complement the brand's artisan-crafted, all-natural, gourmet trail mix. 

"Inspired by the all-natural goodness, we rendered the logo in a hand-done, imperfect style to convey the small batch care that goes into the product. We used natural colors and arranged the type to resemble the lettering you might see on trail guides and outdoor hiking maps" - Aaron Johnson, Designer

To deflect cost and accommodate the clear zip-lock pouches and mason jars, Anderson Design created two standard sizes of labels that would fit on all of the various sizes of packaging. They also created a color coding system to introduce new trail mix flavors in the future that would be easily distinguished from the brand's Original and Spicy flavor mixes.

AgencyAnderson Design Group

Designed by: Aaron Johnson (logo); Edward Patton (packaging)

Country: USA