Before & After: Transcend Coffee

Transcend Coffee set off to stand out from the rest. Wanting to create a coffee bag packaging that was colorful, and educational to the consumer. This re-design was focused on the functionality of the design. Creating a shorter bag meant it could stand on its own on shelf. Another important factor was communicating a tag-line that was short and simple "Transparently Sourced, Roasted in Edmonton." 

"Transcend Coffee has been an Edmonton based coffee roaster since 2003, ethically sourcing coffee and brewing to quality. As the company grows, quality increases and the brand evolves to always stay strong and innovative. Part of this evolution was to take a step further with the overall image of the company. During the process of setting key values, the company decided it was time for a brand evolution.
With the coffee bag, I determined that a bright, colourful bag would be best as they would be expanding to more wholesale clients and grocery stores, where it would need to stand out among other products. Since Transcend has always been a bold company, never afraid to take risks, I chose a bright colour scheme of orange and red. Gloss was used on random triangles to help catch people's attention as they walk by the package on the shelf and give it a high-end feel."


The Before

A previous issue with Transcend's coffee bags was that they wouldn't stand on their own, so we chose a shorter, wider bag shape with a triangular cut bottom to assist with coffee staying on the shelf."

The Re-design 

The main challenge of designing the bag was creating a label that not only grabs attention, but is easy to read and understand. Hierarchy is the most important aspect with a label and so I made the most important information (name & country of origin) stand out. As a person with experience in coffee sales, I was able to dig in and figure out the information people care most about to create an impactful label. Different label colours show different roast profiles of coffee, whether it's espresso (red), decaf (blue), or filter (yellow), making it easy for the customers to get to exactly what they need. Other information, such as tasting notes and roast date are clearly visible and clean. Typography used: Soto & Mission Gothic 

"On the sides, a metallic cut out was used to give the bag texture and shine. The side features a brewing guide to help people with getting the best tasting coffee at home."
"The back was the part where the client wanted their message to be placed. After much debate on what that meant, we chose a simple message that quickly explains the two things that sets Transcend apart, "Transparently Sourced, Roasted in Edmonton". The back also features a clear gloss pattern to give texture when customers hold the bag and to attract attention to that very important message. "

Designed by: Joel Verhagen
Country: Canada