Louis Charden

How do you convey brand roots when you have zero history?  Backbone Creative created a distinct and appealing brand for a new café and bakery, that borrowed from the coziness and comfort of French cafes. 

French origin insinuation was first of all solved through the naming. We developed a brand character - Louis Charden, the founder of the bakery and created a brand story. The identity was based on unique illustrations, unfolding different life events of the brand character– his first love, childish amusements, his first steps in the confectionary industry. 

This is another great example of how coffee is beginning to re-define itself as a category. Independent coffee shops The illustrations surely convey a sense of history, along with a sense of whimsy.  

Designed by Backbone Creative 

Art Director: Stepan Azaryan 

Designer: Karen Gevorgyan 

Illustrator: Anahit Margaryan