Before & After: Kurko Long Drink

Last summer, Finland’s Sinebrychoff Brewery approached UK-based creative agency, Taxi Studio to reboot Kurko Long Drink, a line of flavored alcoholic beverages. Kurko launched in 2003 to initial success throughout Finland, but the brand began to decline. 

"Kurko is a slang word for ‘King’, which is why the logo has traditionally included a crown, but the word is also used as slang to give someone or something praise.  For example, 'that’s Kurko' [means] 'that’s cool'."


The Before 

Kurko decided to broaden its market appeal to women, so the creative team shifted the packaging from a fairly monochromatic color scale of blues, greys and whites to something more communicative and colorful, while still including the brand's crown icon.

The After 

The redesign includes colorful graphics representing the product flavors and ingredients and clearer messaging. 


Designed by: Taxi Studio 

Client: Sinebrychoff Brewery

Country: United Kingdom

Creative Director: Ryan Wills