Loxarel's Ops Wine

Design agency Paga Disseny stayed true to winemaker Loxarel’s ethereal outlook with a design that reflects the brand’s passion purity and for traditional agriculture practice.

“The ancient pharaohs saw the sun rise from the constellation of Taurus. In biodynamic agriculture, a method of organic farming, Taurus is the Earth, and cultivation under the influence of Taurus promotes growth and plant life."


Loxarel’s family-owned estate and vineyard near Barcelona focuses on sustainable agriculture that embraces spiritual and mystical perspectives. The reflection of Taurus in the label is a nice nod to Loxarel's approach to cultivation and the lavender pop of color is a nice offset to the chic style that embraces the stars.

Agency: Paga Disseny 

Client: Loxarel Cellar

City: Barcelona

Country: Spain

Illustration: Elena Hormiga