Loxarel’s Cora Wine

This celestial packaging for winemaker Loxarel by agency Paga Disseny and illustrator Elena Hormiga reflects the brand’s passion for biodynamic farming and out of this world taste.

“In Greek mythology, Cora means young virgin maiden. The constellation of Virgo and the Unicorn, symbolize the highest purity of body and mind. The constellations and astronomy are essential in biodynamic farming.”


Loxarel’s family-owned estate and vineyard near Barcelona, Spain incorporates a holistic agricultural process in their winemaking, with a focus on sustainable agriculture that embraces spiritual and mystical perspectives.

Cora’s beautiful logo is tasteful, slightly abstract and mystical.  

Design by Paga Disseny
Country: Spain

Illustration: Elena Hormiga  
Art direction and design: Paga Disseny 
Client: Loxarel Cellar