Simply Gum

Simply Gum is all about all-natural organic ingredients in their gum.  Simply Gum designed their packaging to convey the same approach with the use of a clean, crisp white background, minimal text, and image swatches of all the ingredients it contains. There's no hidden artificially in this product. 

"Simply Gum is the first 100% natural chewing gum in the US! We launched in NYC in October 2013. Regular chewing gum is filled with toxins and plastic.  We wanted to make a gum that was better for your body and the environment.  
In terms of the packaging design, our goal was to create a premium box, made from recycleable paper, that would reflect the simplicity and purity of the ingredients in the gum. We wanted the box to be clean, pure, and minimalist and stand out on the shelf.  Unlike all the mass, poorly designed gum out there, we wanted consumers to be proud to carry around and share our gum. Inside each pack, we also have wrapping papers for people to dispose of their gum when they are finished.  
The consumer response has been tremendous and we're now sold online as well as at retailers in NYC such as Whole Foods. "



Designed by Simply Gum

Country: United States

City: New York