ACD White Castle

Zimmerman Advertising developed a new line of packaging designs for one of the oldest fast food chains in the US, White Castle. Packaging for fast food, like any other, is used to accentuate the product. This design successfully does this through the use of large bold text that wraps around the entire container spelling out "crave". Crave is really a powerful thing, no kidding. 

"Being family-run, when others franchise, doesn’t hurt. It helps maintain the trailblazing attitude which made us the first fast-food hamburger chain. The first to sell a million hamburgers. The first to sell a billion hamburgers. And the first to sell frozen fast food.
But that would just be a part of the answer. In truth, our power comes from the undying loyalty of the Cravers across the nation. It is because of them and through them that we go on. The more you crave, the more we serve. And that is why we continue to grow. White Castle is more than a company. It’s an experience that transcends time, space and sometimes, rational thought. For almost a century our unique approach has made our food the answer to what you crave. And we’re planning on that continuing long past 100 years."



Designed by Zimmerman Advertising

Client: White Castle

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Fort Lauderdale