Legend Distilling Handmade Gin & Vodka

As a means to deliver “something new and fresh” to the wine tour market of British Columbia, Also Known As: Design Studio was hired by craft-based Legend Distilling to strategize their initial product release of hand-made vodka and gin. The result is this nontraditional design which has custom illustrations by a local tattoo artist, and are meant to highlight the “legends” on each bottle. 


On the design and creative solution

“The strategy was simple, we can’t design another ‘me too’ product, Legend was sick of seeing the same traditional designs on the shelves - they wanted something that offered the market something new and unexpected. With ‘Stories worth Sharing’ as our central creative concept, AKA developed the overall brand as well as product names and packaging that leveraged local BC legends and worked with a local tattoo artist to create custom illustrations to bring the legends to life on the bottles. We wanted every detail to be considered, from container selection, non-traditional colour selections and print finishings to create something that stands out from the crowd.”

With the goal to stand out against its competitors, AKA was successful in its approach. Names like Shadow in the Lake and Doctor’s Orders hint at the whimsy behind the product, but this design visually unites the heritage of the Legend Distillery and their willingness to embrace design. 


Designed by AKA

Country: Canada