Started by three longtime friends, the Montauk Brewing Company was founded and based on the lifestyle of the founders’ hometown.  New York based Ammirati developed this design and centered the brand development to include successive beer styles in a consistent way. 

“We decided on canning over bottling to start based on the beach lifestyle of our hometown. If you are heading to the beach, or spending the day on the boat, you don’t want to bring glass. The cans are easily transported and they have an iconic nautical design. We didn’t want too much clutter. The simple, color coded design is pleasing to the eye, and the beer inside compliments that perfectly.”

Leave it to the Hamptons to inspire a craft beer centered on beach culture. The cans are decidedly “East coast” looking, featuring thick nautical stripes on the flagship Montauk brew, while paying homage to the waves in a single wavy line on both varieties. I appreciate this design for its allegiance to locale while still being fun and accessible. 

Designed by Ammirati
Country: USA