Galana Craft Beer

Galana is a Premium artisanal beer with a unique personality, and an extreme level of purity. Its special recipe has been under development since 2011 by a family-run company, Solaz-Varea. It is brewed in a small village in the Valencian mountains called La Yesa, 3,400 feet above sea level. Estudio Modesto was tasked with designing the packaging for this very unique brew.

When planning a design for the label, I realised that there was a lot of interesting information for the consumer. We had a lot to explain and it was all positive, so I opted for a design which would display the greatest amount of information and would graphically make use of typography.

I designed the label to ensure that all this information was clear and reached the consumer in a direct way, opting to leave the background white, and using colours to identify different recipes. The design is associated with something natural and healthy, away from non-artisanal beers, which are very different both in their taste and production.

The basic ingredients of Galana are water, malted barley, roasted barley, oat flakes, hops flowers and yeast. Water is the most important ingredient in the production of this beer, and it is collected from La Yesa itself, 1,040 metres above sea level. Its extreme purity makes it ideal for brewing various kinds of recipes. All these characteristics give Galana a unique personality with a different flavor.
— Estudio Modesto

Designed by Estudio Modesto

Country: Spain