Frank's Dachshund Dog Collection

Frank's is a line of dog products specifically for the dachshund, or widely known as                 'the hot dog' - dog. A design created by Amanda Day, who utilized strong type with delicate patterns to showcase this line of pet products that includes bow ties and gentle knit sweaters. A collection that is unique, specific, and unlike anything out in the market. 

"I was asked to design a packaging system for pet products that was unlike anything else on the market. The brand was specifically for the dachshund. The typography is bold and classic, suggesting a sense of luxury and taste, even in a dog food. I paired the strong type with delicate handcrafted graphic patterns, all printed on a recycled stock. Ultimately, the design will not only appeal to dachshund owners but all dog lovers."

As a dog lover, I am just a sucker for anything unique and different for my furry friend. Seeing this line and collection of products specifically for dachshunds is just adorable. The packaging reflects the specific consumer that would purchase such delicate products. Die-cut fronts with illustrations are informational but done a non-fuzzy way, an overall excellent execution.


Designed by Amanda Day 

Country: United States

State: California

City: San Francisco