Le Marais Natural Sweet Wine

Le Marais Natural Sweet is a dessert wine hailing from Constantia, a suburb of South Africa. Luisa Rheinlander of Manifesto Design was asked to design the wine label. Her label design prominently features an elaborate and decadent illustration of a woman bearing tropical fruits, intertwined with an equally elaborate style. 


This sweet wine was long coveted by the French royal courts of the 18th century so the label pays tribute by featuring a woman of the period who would have likely been a fan.  The wine bottle explains the flavor profile in full detail: 

"A bouquet of perfumed floral notes mingle with flavours of ripe apricot and tropical fruits, gently balanced with French oak. Finely textured with a concentrated lingering finish."

As a stand-alone, the bottle is pretty standard. What attracted me to this project was the use of illustration to convey practical details like ingredients, but to also draw a particular type of customer.  Referencing the elaborate styles of 18th century France, Le Marais visually represents what I imagine it to taste. 

Designed by Manifesto Design 

Country: Australia 

Designer: Luisa Rhienlander