Pafylida Farm Egg Packaging

Maria Romanidou had transportation in mind when creating this Egg Packaging. The cardboard box resembles a shipping container with an unusual side opening. A hole  on each side allows the consumer a sneak peek at the eggs inside. Each egg is sandwiched between cardboard to prevent any movement from happening. The label, also referencing shipment container labels, uses tall, skinny type allowing the design to implement the oval shape of an egg into the brand’s name.

The Pafylida farm in Chios is an egg production line with chickens which run freely in the farm and are fed exclusively with cereal fruits. Supporting its organic production, the packaging is made from corrugated (3fyllo E’Flute) recycled and recyclable material in kraft hue. The interior of the pack, designed as one piece, is divided in partitions, to make sure the products are transfered safely. In order for the consumer to have an eye contact with the product, two windows are formed on the sides of the package shaped according to the graphics.


Designed by Maria Romanidou

Client: Pafylida Farm

Country: Greece


Graphic Design: Dimitris Lykos 

Photography: George Tzortzis