Mokaya Chocolate

Mokaya Chocolate gets a makeover. Already beautifully etched, the naked chocolate bar needed an outfit that was just as admirable and detail orientated as the product itself. Designed by Diana Bharucha, this packaging invites and asks a lot from its consumer. Instead of immediately ripping off the sleeve to have a long awaited bite of chocolate, you can’t help but study the illustrated narrative on the surface of the package. The drawing is sectioned in squares and each has a story within it. With the illustration being black and white, the label’s bright orange color is intensified with “MOKAYA” in gold.

"Indian designer Diana Bharucha, was asked to name, position and design a brand of chocolates for Shalimar Teahouse Sdn Bhd, Malaysia. Research confirmed what Diana believed all along, that chocolate is the one thing that makes life better irrespective of the situation. Every now and then, we all need a little chocolate to make bad days good and good days even better. Just like your friendly neighbourhood superhero, you can depend on chocolate to save the day.
From this insight Mokaya was born. The chocolate that’s ‘There for you. Always’.
The hand-drawn illustrations on the packaging take a humorous look at everyday situations, made better, with a little bit of chocolate."


Designer by Diana Bharucha

Country: India

Illustration: Denver Kotian