Screech Rum

LINEA designed a bottle that best brings out the rich caramel color of the rum. The label is cut to give the illusion of an aged bottle with a decayed paper look. At the top sits a compass that centers the text while the bottom image of a man at sea, represents the rum’s lush history. The name “SCREECH” is given importance by enlarging the word, lining each letter with black, and creating a drop shadow which makes the unusual name jump out at you.

"As true institution in Newfoundland, the SCREECH rum is rooted on its deep origins and traditions. In order to expend globally, NLLC chose LINEA to revamp its packaging. The current one brings a new life to the product, while keeping strong Newfoundland roots. The brand delivers a quirky message and underlines the SCREECH rum drinking experience in an entertaining way. The whole work carried out on the brand identity pays tribute to the first island sailor’s initiation rituals."


Designed by LINEA

Country: France