Doctor's Orders Brewing

Doctor’s Orders Brewing was designed by Matt Burns Design and features a humorous way to enjoy beer with an ironic title and graphic label design. The spotlight of this beer is not in the shape of the bottle itself but in the multi-colored versions of each variety. Beside the symbol is the name of each type of beer referencing medical terms, and prescriptions. 

Doctor’s Orders Brewing, Sydney Australia, is all about special thought provoking and inspirational beers. Soon to be available in bottles will be Zephyr (Double White Ale), Iron Lung (Black Imperial Pilsner), Plasma (White IPA) and Prescription 12 (Belgian Black IPA).

Doc’s beers are completely unconventional and the packaging had to reflect this. Once holding a bottle of Doctor’s Orders you need to rotate the bottle to discover all the various pieces of information, it becomes an adventure, just like drinking the beer itself.

Designed by Matt Burns Design

Client: Doctor's Orders Brewery

Country: United Kingdom

City: Glasgow

Photography: Bryn Price