Maison de Bruges

Maison de Bruges' packaging takes advantage of archetype. Designed by Chilli, the main focus is the embossed pattern that intertwines the letter "B" to the center. The simple paper label allows the product to be viewed, giving a splash of color to the conservative black and white image.

"Maison de Bruges is a novel brand that produces artisan jam for a clientele of specialty shops and hotels. The challenge consisted in capturing a new artisan product in a delectable house style that jumps off the shelf. We were also asked to design a packaging that combines an innovative concept with a timeless and cosy appeal.
A clear logo was designed that emphasizes the artisan aspect of the product and that subtly refers to Bruges and Belgium. It was also important to select the right basic packaging and develop a sleeve that lets the product stand out on the shelf."


Designed by Chilli

Country: Belgium