UK spirit distributor, INSTIL DRINKS, commissioned Biles Inc. to create a new brand of Italian elderflower liqueur to be launched in bars, restaurants and the off-trade in the UK. The objective was to capitalize on the sparkling wine cocktail trend by creating a new brand based on a classic Italian cocktail; The HUGO SPRITZ (Elderflower liqueur and Prosecco).

"Our brief involved developing branding and graphics that in combination with a bottle selected by us, would communicate quality, Italian authenticity, and taste, but with a modern kick to position it for young people and their urban lifestyles."

The result is a traditional grappa bottle with feminine curves, single mindedly presenting a rounded diamond label that features a classic brand scroll device, enveloped in elderflower filigree. Other details include a white flower brand mark (elderflower), a silhouette of the Roman goddess Flora, along with crowns, roundels and flourishes which all imbue the consumer with a sense of quality and craft. While one foot is firmly placed in tradition, elements such as the use of color and layout make the brand feel contemporary.


Designed by Biles Inc.

Country: United Kingdom