Don Key

Don Key is a new traditional Mexican kitchen with a vision set on creating new food experiences. Parallel's approach was to combine traditional language, wordplay, sophisticated simplicity with a natural color palette. 

"Don Key's name is composed of pure wordplay; 'Don' which is the Mexican folk way of saying 'Mr.' or 'Sir' and adding 'Key' at the end so that it can be read as 'Donkey'. We wanted to keep it really simple and low key with stationary and editorial work since the main focus is set on their food. We did the same with packaging but added a tiny pinch of color to represent the 'Fiesta' inside of every homemade product. Communication in terms of language was set in a traditional folk slang of a 'Fonda', which is a local economic diner; language is usually shortened and respectful."

Parallel's work represents the transformation of traditions in a modern world by making a statement that the old is not in competition with the new. Instead, by uniting old and new, a brand identity was created that is synergistic and complementary to both elements. 


Designed by Parallel

Country: México

Art Direction: Jorge Mar 
Creative Direction: Ana Rocio Reyes & Karla Casablancas 
Photography: Andrés Solís