Before & After: Nescafé Unveils New Logo and Global Branding

Nescafé recently announced a massive global brand campaign that targets a younger generation of coffee drinkers. Nescafé was created by Nestle in 1938 with the aim to be one of the world's most distributed brands of instant coffee. Nescafé managed to achieve that and more by becoming the global brand that it is today. With the coffee industry becoming more competitive, Nestle recognized a need to change their packaging design, communication and digital strategy: 

"The unified approach to packaging design, communication and digital strategy for Nescafé, drunk at a rate of 5,500 cups each second, will feature several key design elements developed with new, younger consumers in mind.
These include the Nescafé red accent, taken from the modernized Nescafé brand mark, the iconic red Nescafé mug and a stylized graphic device, the “hub” – an aerial view of a mug of coffee."


Before:  Nescafé Logo & Packaging 


After: Nescafé Logo & Packaging 

Designed by CBA Paris