Student: Diaita

Diaita is a fictitious high-end gourmet biscuit brand developed by Belgium student designer Alice van Marcke. The approach behind the concept is about eating healthy and organic foods. 

"The main reason I decided to use patterns on the packaging was, on one hand, to bring out the organic side by making abstract patterns that represent different natural elements and, on the other hand, to enhance the handmade aspect and to give design warmth. Diaita’s products are highly thought out and made for each moment of the day. The brand name comes from the English word diet and from Old French diète and from Greek δίαιτα diaita means ‘a way of life’. Eating healthy becomes a way of life. Health is not a goal. It’s a lifestyle. Healthy eating becomes a way of life, a trend or even a fashion sometimes."


Designed by Alice van Marcke

Country: Belgium