Glück am Stiel (Lollies of Happiness)

Clean-cut, black and white with a pop of color. Ice-cream brand, Glück am Stiel, levels up with its sophisticated choice of contrasting colors and unique flavor combinations. Studio Oeding GmbH also created sleek fruit representations which are shaped according to the main ingredients in each ice-cream. A fun element to what is already an enjoyable and delicous experience.  

"There is always something special to developing a brand from scratch. Especially if it is the first organic sorbet lolly in Germany – 'Glück am Stiel' from the food producers Mammas & Pappas. Studio Oeding was involved from the beginning in the process of product development and market launch – from production over packaging to the overall brand identity. And the results – the proof is in the…lolly – in more than 400 organic markets in Germany."



Designed by Studio Oeding GmbH

Country: Germany