3/4oz. Tonic Maison

3/4 oz. Tonic Maison has an urban meets nature feel, with its slender typography wrapped around a glass vessel, draped in fur, and set in a raw wooden box. The choice of a simple logo and the contrast of orange with the brown successfully brings a richness and warmth to the product.

''3/4oz. is the amount of syrup youll need to prepare what will become your best Gin and Tonic! It's a syrup  made from natural ingredients (cinchona bark, organic cane sugar, lemongrass, orange zest, spices.)                                                                                                                    Differs from commercial tonic water with its distinctive taste of spices, bitterness touch and more pronounced amber color.                                                                                                   Original and unique, this high-end product will enhance your parties and please your guests, and can also be the perfect present for your host.                                            It offers a refined taste for quality cocktails lovers!"



Designed by 3/4oz. 

Country: Canada

City: Montreal