OLIA Olive Oil

Olive oil and gold, a combination that is becoming "the perfect taste of luxury." OLIA olive oil is a premium extra virgin oil with organic and gold edible flakes. A beautiful package design from Redfish Inspirations that combines natural wood with the extravagant look of gold speckles. The outer rigid box combines a gold foil neck and black simplicity that houses this olive oil perfectly. 

"When liquid gold gets united with real gold they do create the perfect taste of luxury.
24K edible gold is a dietary habit since ancient years. Eating gold leaves appeared as a habit of the great European families in the beginning of the 19th century and it was considered to be a synonym of well-being and good life. Recent medical studies prove the potent antioxidant action of gold which enhances the restructuring of cells and the mental well-being. Gold is transferred to the body through a biodegradable water-soluble polymer, i.e. γ-PGA (gamma-Poly-Glutamic Acid) and by developing properties such as the transfer of moisture to the cells, it configures immune balance, by exercising strong anti-cancer action (Univ. of Kookmin/ Korea, 2005, a study published by Department of Bio & Nano Chemistry).


Designed by Nikos Koutsmanis / Redfish Inspirations
City: Thessaloniki
Country: Greece