Insolente Wine

Insolente Wine is a wine that has a huge attitude. With the idea of giving the finger on the label, the concept is about attitude but overall the design represents unity and commitment.

"As the brand is very strong and has a lot of weight, we think a simple design, minimalist but high-impact, highly played with subtle simplification of a hand making "fuck you" in which we replace the middle finger for a bottle of wine, and within that hand we put fingerprints with the idea of ransmitting belonging, commitment, personality and identity.

Everything in this project is "insolent" doctor and owners who are not are the business, the style of wine, sell form etc.

They are very passionate people who do this for pleasure, for fun, in its way, not following rules, just following your heart and your instincts but with great dedication to the pursuit of quality and authentic expression of its terroir.

The text of the back label says: 

"Insolent, is the result of the most daring and irreverent of our genetic aspect. That drives us too face challenges without measuring risks. Respectful of the authentic, insolent with others."


Designed by Diego Ballester
City: Mendoza
Country: Argentina