Concept: María, marmalade.

Habla Estudio México created a stunning concept for a marmalade brand called María. The design features watercolor fruits and flowers over a delicate logo typeface. The colors selected give these jars a fresh and contemporary feel to it.

"María, marmalade. The legend tells that on one occasion the Queen Marie I of Scotland became ill, the doctor gave her a mix of sugar and orange, and it’s said that the name 'marmalade' derives from the french, that was spoke in the court of the queen, because when she was sick, they used to say: 'Marie est malade' (Marie is sick) 

Our marmalade honors this legend. A sweet tradition handcrafted made in a fresh and contemporary package. With each dollop have a taste of organic fruit grown on Mexican soil, scoops of antique taste as only the true marmalades could have."


Designed by Habla Estudio México

Country: México

City: Guadalajara