Student: Harper Supply Co.

For her MFA thesis project Morgan Sterns wanted to reinvent how women's hygiene is perceived by society. With that in mind, she created Harper Supply Co.

The development process consisted of many hours of research and investigation to create a change in social awareness with regard to respect and dignity for both consumers and marketers of feminine hygiene products. She restructured the concept of women’s hygiene and looked at the competitors in the industry, then devised a clever way to address the audience through social media and short videos. Simultaneously, she developed the actual products for Harper Supply Co., which included branding, packaging, marketing and content.

Harper Supply Co. is a different way to look at women's hygiene with unparalleled style that is not seen in its market. 

"At Harper Supply Co., we have designed our product line to seamlessly integrate with everyday life. Girls no longer need to fear buying products that are embarrassing to be seen with. Our sleek and eco-friendly packaging offers the female consumer discretion and privacy while purchasing."

Today, feminine health and hygiene brands are spending millions of dollars on design campaigns but they still haven’t addressed the female need for discretion and privacy in the marketing and packaging of feminine sexual health and hygiene products. The identity of a woman is strangely absent from the design conversation within this category. Consumer life is very saturated with visual noise, unclear choices and obfuscation. In a cluttered world, brands need to simplify the process while embodying the values and dignity of the consumer. I have created a lifestyle brand which embodies a new head space and shift of consciousness that manifests with products packaged and designed to resonate specifically with young women. This thesis was created to help women feel supported via packaging dignified with a sense of confidentiality and sensitivity when purchasing sexual health products. Through better design, women will be free to shop absent of the perceived stigma associated with the products.
— Morgan Sterns

Designed by Morgan Sterns

Country: United States

State: California

City: San Francisco