Oykos Heavenly

Wanting to stand out in the Greek yogurt category, Dragon Rouge set out to design a new twin pack line for Danone. Dragon Rouge designed Oykos Heavenly with a more sophisticated and premium look and feel, for this "divinely delicious yogurt indulgence."


In only 2 years since launch, Danone’s deliciously premium Greek-style yogurt Oykos brand has established an impressive position in the indulgent yogurt fixture, exceeding forecast expectations with sales of £29.2m, attaining 12% of the total luxury dessert market and an enviable position as the second largest luxury yogurt brand in the UK.
So in recognising the brand’s success, and realising an opportunity to enhance the Oykos offering, Danone has now introduced an even more irresistible rich and creamy yogurt on a layer of on-trend flavors, Salted Caramel and Cinnamon Apple. The product is made to Danone’s very smooth, creamy Greek-style recipe and aims to further extend its presence on the premium UK yogurt shelf. 
Having created the original pack design for the Oykos range – launched in Strawberry, Peach and Pear 4-pot varieties and extended to Citrus last year – Dragon Rouge was invited to create the new sub brand and packaging. We aimed to build on its existing distinctive design cues to achieve stand out and true buy-me appeal. And, by exploring the positioning of ultimate indulgence with a touch of divine intervention, we coined the sub brand ‘Heavenly’ and applied this to the new twin-pack wrap and lid, leveraging the established semiotic codes to create an even more sophisticated and premium look and feel for this ‘the most irresistible indulgence you can imagine’.
Esmé Roger, Senior Brand Manager at Danone says: 
“We are really excited about the launch of Oykos Heavenly.  The combination of our heavenly new flavours with sumptuously rich and creamy yogurt makes Oykos Heavenly a perfect evening ‘me time’ treat.   We are confident that the look and feel of Oykos Heavenly will help us cement consumer perceptions of Oykos as a truly luxurious and indulgent brand. ”
Oykos Heavenly launches in stores nationwide throughout June."

Designed by: DRAGON ROUGE
City: London