The Honest Company's Sunscreen Family

With summer upon us, we can reflect that spending time in the sun increases our risk of skin cancer and early skin aging. The Honest Company has journeyed into creating their own range of sunscreen to decrease these risks. They made a range of sunscreen products featuring a spray, lotion and stick, each with an ultra pure, mineral-based non-whitening sunscreen, for all of your sun protection needs. The project was headed by creative director, Tim Hankins, and art director and designer, Jodi Jones.


Diane Lindquist:

What is the story behind the sunscreen product line?

Tim Hankins: 

Our customers have been asking for additional sunscreen options since we initially released our lotion so after months of testing and research we settled on a spray and stick that met our product team's demands as well as our customers.
This is one of my favorite pieces for one tiny reason - the small anchor on the back of the lotion and spray. I’ve always liked that the anchor is holding down the UPC on both. It’s one of the little moments of delight we like to include in our designs whenever we can.
— Tim Hankins, Creative Director

Diane Lindquist:

Can you tell me about the creative process in developing the new sunscreen family line?

Tim Hankins:

Whenever I think of sunscreen I always associate it with water play - sprinklers, the pool, the ocean - so we intentionally incorporated a playful ocean wave pattern into the design. It also doesn't hurt that our headquarters are near the ocean so that had some impact on the direction. By using our teal brand color as a base we also reinforced the watery connection of the entire line.

Designed by The Honest Company, Inc.

Country: United States

State: California

City: Los Angeles

Creative Direction: Tim Hankins

Art Direction & Designer: Jodi Jones