KK Jewelry Lab

The owners of KK Jewelry Lab have been in the jewelry business for over 35 years and it was time for an update. In order to increase their presence in the fine jewelry market, designer Natalie Poulman gave them just was that they needed — a simple line of boxes emphasizing the purity that represents KK Jewelry Lab's philosophy and its products.

Designed in a wooden box and finished within another box with a 45 degree lid, KK Jewerly Lab’s branding is simple and elegant:

"The basic package is embraced with a sleeve, in a unique style, carrying all the characteristic elements of its corporate identity, such as the engraved K and the patterns in the inner side of the sleeves. Inside the boxes, a sponge with a velour fabric finish was placed, for the proper presentation of the jewelry. The design of the bag follows the same design tone as the basic packaging, creating a unified and complete identity."


Designed by Maria RomanidouNatalie Poulman

Country: Greece

Photography: George Tzortzis