Linkin AB helped their friends over at Centralbryggeriet with their brand identity and beer label. Established in Linkoping, Sweden in the early 1900s only to be shut down in 1917 after World War I, Centralbryggeriet wanted to keep the same heritage while making a new branding with a very modern touch.

"We based the design on a hexagon, a shape we found kept appearing in different forms in the old breweries employee newspaper. We used the hexagon as the main design element and it is found in both brewery symbol as well as their beer labels and stationary.
The first beer series released by Centralbryggeriet is called Folkes. Folke Filbyter is the popularized name of the pagan progenitor of the House of Bjelbo clan. His cognomen Filbyter is believed to mean 'foal biter' and refers to a man who castrates colts with his teeth."


Designed by Linkin AB

Country: Sweden

Art Director: Ulf Textorius 

Illustrator: Julia Modén-Treichl 

Photographer: David Einar 

Project Manager: Patrik Griph 

Copywriter: Erik Stedt