MiiSTS is a personal care product with a unique structure and clean brand identity. HotpotDesign wanted to create a user experience to the consumer. The overall design and packaging is bold and colorful with lots of personality.

"MiiSTS sought to re-invent the bottle and how consumers carry personal care products. The project began by solidifying a cohesive brand identity with a design plan: work with plastics and injection tooling experts to develop a unique, slim and portable, leakproof bottle. Numerous bottle prototypes were developed to ensure the Miists bottle is unique, cost effective and can be manufactured without complicated assembly. 
Once the bottle was designed and through testing, the Miists logo, packaging, and branding materials were created to show a clean and consistent design message. The labels themselves were kept simple, utilizing consistent placement of information with differentiation of bold colors to emphasize contents of the bottle without confusion. The hanger packaging was developed to highlight the slim bottle profile utilizing a tapered side profile. We really wanted to add a unique user experience and humor when opening the packaging by adding an icon and saying for each spray that is revealed when opened."

Designed by HotpotDesign