Doble Punta Wine Bottle

Doble Punta Wine is a limited production wine (only 600 bottles produced) and given the name that translates to "double sharp end" due to the mineral composition in the wine. After developing a wine label Soda Communications was tasked to create a package design. Falconboard was used to for the design, a material that is not customary but created a unique execution and houses the wine beautifully.

"In Avila province, there is an historically well known by its wines area, Cebreros. 
Renown enologists coming from other historical denominations, are approaching to this zone to produce very high quality wines, mainly of “grenache” and “albillo” grapes. Maldivinas are one of these producers. 
They trusted on us to design the look of one of their most promising wines, Doble Punta (meaning double sharp end), name chosen because of the mineral composition of soil where the vineyard is, quartz with two sharp ends. Wine is very peculiar, having a very limited production of 600 bottles. Wine is elaborated with cuddle, and giving the necesary time to every stage of the production process. 
After creating the label, we were requested to design a packaging that was up to par. 
We decided to use Falconboard, a material not extensively used for this kind of packagings, but its peculiar attributes of being an organic and natural material, and most important recycable, joined to protection capacity one it is assembled, gave us the perfect excuse to set both products in a common space and in harmonious coexistence."

Design: Soda Comunicación 
Photography: NW Noroestefoto
City: Madrid
Country: Spain