Stuzzi: Come I’italia

Giving Brazil an Italian flair! The Stuzzi brand designed by Brazilian agency Agencia Yo wanted to do just that!

"The Stuzzi is a brand that aims to create an exquisite and genuinely Italian experience in Brazil. From this emphasis on ethnicity gastronomic, the idea is to enable and achieve an experience of a typical state of mind from the region through a careful selection of ingredients and ways of preparation. 

From this premise, the brand building of Stuzzi began with the needs to understand the essential values of the company that resulted in the creation of a clear and unique positioning. Throughout of an entire planning of communication, we identified that it was necessary an organization of product lines, and even the creation of new lines, some of them still in design. After organized, new visual identities were created for each of these lines. 

In “Cafeteria” line, for example, we sought elegance, sophistication and austerity. The objective was to evoke a sense of essentiality and strength, like the good coffees. Refined design with a restricted color palette and strong dramatic charge. Basic geometric shapes represent only the essential and the names in uppercase invoke a sense of full bodied coffee. In the case of Delicatessen line, the patterned background in tissue paper refers to the delicate and noble, complemented by subtle and sophisticated details. The brown block adhesive closure takes two brown pantone and one matte golden. 

The branding job was even wider, contemplating, for example, the design of the uniforms of the employees plus a dress code with guidelines on hair, makeup, shoes, and so on.The Yo work involved inclusively the signaling of shops and a consultant in structuring of vegan products. In a scenery where the normal is often try to stand out by excess, the branding job of Yo for Stuzzi assumes a bias of essentiality in order that the subtleties of the brand and its products appear clearer."


Designed by Agência Yo 
City: São Paulo
Country: Brazil