Before & After: Oneka

LUXURIA redesigns the new identity and package design for Oneka using aspects that are truly eco-friendly such as plants that grows on Oneka's farm. The overall is focus and more clear using a tagline that helps communicate with their targeted consumers.

"Oneka has been around for a few years and have a devoted clientele. But is was hard for the owner Philippe to attract new clients and expand his distribution. What's special about Oneka is that they grow the plants used in the products in their own farm while maintaining a commercial and stable quality product. 

We have done a complete branding exercise with this product. This is a truly eco-friendly cosmetic, made from plants that grows on Oneka's farm. We decided to focus on these aspects and make them more clear. With my creative writer we came up with a new tagline: The Power of Boreal plants. All the extra informations, such as free of chemicals and gluten, were converted to icons for a quicker reading. The label is bilingual, English and French. 

The logo is made of a modern and simple font, and the graphic sign is made of water drops. The water drops are a reminder that the cosmetic line does not pollute water. The transactional website we did also have a store locator and plant informations. As a direct result of the rebranding, the sales have jumped up 52% on the first year."



Before & After:  Oneka-Elements Packaging 


After:  Oneka-Elements Packaging 

Designed by LUXURIA

Country: Canada

Creative Direction: Mireille Dufour

Copywriting: Veronique Garneau Allard (French), Eva Valenti (English) 

Photography: Matthieu Lerouxel