Student: Swallowtail Vineyards

Jacob Brcic a student from the University of Missouri designed this fictional wine project. The project was to design a new logo, packaging, and gifts for Swallowtail Vineyards. The brief and persona of Swallowtail Vineyards are of "fun people and feel that their image needs to be more fun and appeal to the new generation of wine lovers as opposed to their calm and old-fashioned look." 

My concept was to create an abstract geometric look for the brand. Each wine would get it's own personal geometric abstraction. The designs and colors would correspond to the wine type and what was in each one and how they were made. 

The $35 2010 Chardonnay for example is a pretty straw color made with clones, sweet fruit and blend of dijon. 

The $35 2010 Pinot Gris has firm green apple flavors that are edged with leesy elements and a fresh, talc-like acidity and finishes crisp, with a snappy, apple skin bitterness that gives the wine density. 

The $25 2010 Pinot Noir is bright red and uses bright fruit and intense flavors. 

The 2010 Reserve Syrah is a limited edition of 105 cases and is Swallowtail's most expensive wine at $125 a bottle. 

For the gift shop, I designed black wooden tops for some colorful Houdini wine stoppers. Each inspired by the it's corresponding wine label designs and colors. I also added the Swallowtail logo to some white ceramic coasters."


Designed by Jacob Brcic
Country: United States
City, State: Columbia, MO