Perfect Picnic by Sangría Lolea

Combine the love of sangría and the outdoors and the results are a perfect picnic! Designed by Sangria Lolea, this beautiful wooden box includes everything you will need for a picnic. The special touch is a Gingham blanket and Lolea flag banner creating a classic picnic ambiance!

"Lolea is a ready-made cocktail, ready to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. But you will enjoy Lolea best when you drink it outdoors and in good company! 

There are lots of Lolea moments in a day. Its moderate alcohol content, frizzante style and refreshing fruit flavor makes Lolea the perfect aperitif to be served before lunch, or at lunch, or in the afternoon... and of course for social evenings. Lolea is shared with friends, with family and always brings joy and celebration!"


Designed by Estudio Versus
Country: Spain
City: Zaragoza