Momo Gelato

Located at the centre of Rua Dias Ferreira in Leblon and surrounded by some of Rio de Janeiro’s most acclaimed restaurants, Momo Gelato is fast becoming one of the city’s top ice cream parlours. 

The shop’s branding and identity system was developed by local agency M. Quatro Design. It aspires to capture the fun and simple pleasure of eating artisanal hand-made ice cream, as expressed in the strapline “Piacere Senza Cerimonia” (which approximately translates to “Pleasure Without Ceremony”). The brand refers to the creaminess and the texture of “gelato artigianale!”, daily produced in a lab located in the house. 

To further reinforce this ‘fun’ aspect, both the visual identity and the shop’s interior environment feature a series of illustrations. The images playfully tell the story of Gelato leaving Italy – said to be the birthplace of modern ice cream – and subsequently arriving in Rio de Janeiro. 

"You can call me Delicious, you can call me Creamy. But please: Just don’t call me ice-cream, 'perché io sono un gelato!'”


Designed by M. Quatro Design

Country: Brazil

City: Rio de Janeiro

Designers: Natalia Azevedo, Lina Mizutani, Marcelo Fonseca da Rocha, Luana Luna 
Copywritter: Daniel C. Ferreira 
Ilustrations: Natalia Azevedo, Luana Luna 
Chalk Intervention on the Walls: Daniel Bo, Flo Monti