Before and After: Wonder Bread

A new colorful and fun re-design for the nostalgic brand, Wonder Bread. Keeping the white color palette that Wonder Bread is known for, this re-design from Davis captures a bold contemporary feel while keeping its minimal look.

"Since 1921, Wonder bread has been appealing to the kid in all of us and continues to spark powerful memories that celebrate the simple pleasures in life. The brand challenge is to capture this carefree emotion and the soft, pillowy texture that consumers associate with Wonder bread.

The new design reclaims the white color palette consumers expect with the Wonder brand. Softness weaves throughout the new look including the softened logo and the gentle shape that houses the brand. The bubble graphics so ingrained in consumers’ memories have moved from functional carriers of information to fun symbols of the soft sandwich bread.

The addition of an interactive ‘squeeze me’ message on-pack is both playful and speaks to the brand’s unique selling point: its soft texture. The overall clean and contemporary look brings Wonder forward to today in a highly recognizable way, without relying on retro or nostalgia cues."


Designed Team
Account Director: Sara Merrifield
Designer: Jason Da Silva
Creative Director: Chris Plewes
City: Mississauga
Country: Canada