BarrettsRidge Beer Bread

"You like bread. You like beer. You’ll love BarrettsRidge Beer Bread. What started out as one of Grandma’s secret family recipes is now available to all who reckon that the time has come to end the unholy separation of beer and bread. This product speaks for itself. Made by a real person and truly simple to prepare; it naturally looks, smells and tastes delicious."

Carine Nguz wanted to create packaging that doesn't feel mass-produced, that evokes wholesome home-baked goodness and a fresh twist on heritage. The bags are hand-sewn, and a hand-stitched folded leaflet indicates the flavors. Cooking instructions are revealed when one pulls down the paper tab. Carine Nguz chose to print on the locally-produced Masuga paper, which is chlorine-free and made with 90% sugar cane waste. 

The result? An unbleached, natural, textured material contrasted with bold colors to bring out the 'warmth of home' while still relating to modern-day convenience.


Designed by Carine Nguz

Country: South Africa

Graphic Designer: Carine Nguz 
Copywriter: Carine Nguz 
Photographers: Craig Kolesky & Justin Allart