Gelato Stracciatella

Allink created an ice cream package design that features a simplified refreshed look for Gelato Stracciatella. 

The products are staged bold and simple on an all-over colored background and are at the center of attention. The prominent typography of the sorts conveys value und supports the fast communication whereas the applied patterns provide a playful element. The pattern create a connection between the cardboard box and the wrap, and lend refinement to the design.

The refreshing simplicity of the products can be experienced through the packaging design and encourages to buy in a charming way. It’s a modern classic.

With a new line in the ice cream department, the Swiss retail company Migros is relying on the tried and trusted. The simple block ice cream has been a favorite in the 70s but disappeared from the range. Nowadays the honest and authentic products reflect the zeitgeist again and therefor they have been relaunched.

Designed by allink 

Creative Director: Christoph Schlatter

Graphic Design: Roger Lang, Angela Hofstetter

Photography: Peter Derron

Image Editor: Edith Kaiser