Range: The Smart thermometer for iOS

Supermechanical designed the Range smart cooking thermometer as a tool that belongs in the jar with your other kitchen utensils. Supermechanical worked hard to miniaturize the electronic guts so that what you see looks deceptively simple. 

"We kept this philosophy in mind when designing Range’s packaging as well — we wanted it to look and feel like something you would pick up at the grocery store (specifically the deli counter). On the label, you’ll still find an ingredient list — premium silicone and stainless steel. (No fillers, just like your burgers.) In place of nutrition information, Range’s specs are laid out. And just like the local grass fed meat you’ll be grilling, Range is American made (Designed and assembled in the US of 82.3% American parts — more than any car, even the Ford F-150."


Designed by Supermechanical

Photography: David Clift-Reaves

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Austin