MAXIMUM by Taninotanino FOR MEN Jordan Shmulyck

Designed by Lourdes Molina, MAXIMUM by taninotanino FOR MEN Jordan Shmulyck is inspired by Formula 1, the single-seater auto racing sanctioned by Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). 

"If planteas the idea of relating the world of Formula 1, the world of cosmetics for men may sound strange, seem complex and even impossible, but nothing beyond the fact we were able to link the two concepts to create the product line for men MAXIMUM MX1 based on the philosophy and concept of the Formula 1 attached to all the benefits of Dead Sea Minerals, thereby creating an effective team for the care and treatment of the skin of men. 

MAXIMUM MX1 is inspired by the perfection and control of technical activities performed by teams of Formula 1 racing in the World Championship. Imitate the strategies of the big teams trying to equalize and even improving them is a challenge that requires give maximum time to time, costs and sparing no efforts to achieve the goal. 

MAXIMUM MX1 takes for naming their products the same vocabulary used in the manuals of Formula 1, making a comparison between matching cosmetic formulas and rules used in racing cars. Names such as aquaplaning, Safety Car, Pit Stop, Kers, Set Up and others, are the reference point for the definition of its product line."


Designed by: Spain Creative 
Creative Director: Lourdes Molina 
Country: Spain
City: Málaga