The Dieline Awards 2014: Fresh Food, 3rd Place – Hand Held Pie Packaging

The panel of judges of The Dieline Awards 2014 have awarded Zebra Paper's Hand Held Pie Packaging' 3rd Place in the Fresh Food category.


"The customer has asked us to design a package for his fresh baked pies. The main concern was to have a design that easy to assemble by the workers at the shop, easy to use by the consumer, grease resistance and uses material that is recyclable and made from recycled material. 

As a designer I chose the 1-2-3 bottom to make sure it is easy to assemble and easy for the consumer to recycle after eating the pie. I also wanted to incorporate a folding feature which will add protection during holding the hot pie by the consumer. For printing, we went with vegetable based ink to ensure much easier to de-ink when recycling and results in much less hazardous waste."

Designed by Zebra Paper

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