The Dieline Awards 2014: Dairy, Spices, & Oils, 3rd Place – Claramunt Extra Virgin

The panel of judges of The Dieline Awards 2014 have awarded Isabel Cabello Arrabal's Claramunt Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3rd Place in the Dairy, Spices, & Oils category.


Claramunt is a unique oil,(author's oil) his resulting always depend of the annual environmental conditions The Claramunt's team will make every year olive oil Extra virgin is the highest quality and unique.

To convey the brand philosophy Claramunt, we worked developed a logo with a handwritten letter, as if the signing of a work of art is involved. To further reinforce the concept
copyright works have studied each package independent but with the same conceptual line, four illustrations represents each oil varieties.

Designed by Isabel Cabello Arrabal

Country: Spain