Before & After: Hubbards Bran Cereal

Wheat Bran cereal is a market sector in New Zealand completely dominated by international brands which follow a global formulaic design language. As part of the whole rebrand of the Hubbards brand and packaging, Coats Design were asked to look at the Hubbards Bran range afresh. 

"Instilling their range of bran products with the new Hubbards tone-of-voice and quirky/Kiwi view of the cereal aisle, we went back to the base product - harvested wheat. An illustrative, iconic hessian wheat bag now sites proudly on each pack, each one coloured for easy navigation and shelf impact. Pack graphics extend the idea with whimsical screen printed style typography."


Before & After: Hubbards Bran Cereal Packaging 


After: Hubbards Bran Cereal Logo & Branding  


After: Hubbards Bran Cereal Packaging   

Designed by Coats Design

Art Direction / Design: Matt Grantham 
Illustrator: Phil Small, Watermark Ltd
Production: Dan Leggett

Country: New Zealand

City: Auckland