Palatino Wines

A leader in wines, Camilleri, designed by BRND WGN, is a true expression of wine. With a client motivated to add a modern yet classy colorful feel to the entire brand and design, this revamp is stunning!

"Camilleri Wines is one of the leading wine brands of the Maltese Islands. Palatino is the leader of the pack - the most important brand of the Camilleri Wines portfolio and a true expression of varietal character with nine different local variations produced. 

Up to four years ago, Palatino was performing very well within its target market but has since started to decline steadily. The client approached us to create a fresh look through a complete label re-design, in order to help reposition the wine brand on the market. 

The client wished the revamp to give the wine a modern-classic feel, striking a balance between a rich looking label, without seeming too high brow. We opted for a playful, vibrant colour palette in order to achieve a cutting-edge and playful modern design. 

The emblems of the Palatino Range are inspired by the mosaics and patterns of the sprawling Imperial Palaces of the Palatine Hill where the mythical brothers Romulus and Remus were said to have founded the Empire of Rome."


Designed by BRND WGN
Country: Italy
City: Naxxar