The Dieline Awards 2014: Multi-Category Product Line, 3rd Place – Tesco Finest Redesign

The panel of judges of The Dieline Awards 2014 have awarded Honey's Tesco Finest Redesign 3rd Place in the Multi-Category Product Line.


"Tesco finest* is the one of the largest brand in the UK. The brand had not had a major re-designed since its launch in 1998.The target audience of Tesco finest* are both those interested in the finer, best quality foods and those more traditional customers who are looking for an improvement on their daily choices for a special occasion or treat. Research however suggested that consumers generally did not believe the quality behind a big supermarket’s own brand offer to be as good as it is - whether or not a part of the premium tier. There was therefore an opportunity to communicate to customers the true quality and authenticity behind the suppliers and products that Tesco finest* represents.  The brief was to rebrand and elevate the Tesco’s finest* brand to be more premium, contemporary and approachable to customers, while showing off the quality and individual stories of the products in its range. 

The brand and packaging has undergone a complete redesign for the first time in 15 years, bringing to life the artisanal quality and individual personalities of the suppliers and products across the range. The brand logo has been refreshed to be more contemporary and approachable while re-enforcing the quality behind the brand.
The authentic look and feel was especially crafted to bring the unique character of each product to life, telling the stories of incredible products and suppliers that Tesco work with, as well as showing off their finest* quality. 

The ready meals range photography focuses on its premium, specially selected ingredients and expertise rather than showing the final cooked products.  The dairy and Continental range uses country specific design cues, drawing special attention to region specific processes and expertise of the different suppliers.  Post re-design research showed a significant uplift in consumer perceptions when comparing it against research prior to the re-design: 

  • ‘Looks like quality food’ climbed from 14% to 38% 
  • ‘Looks authentic’ climbed from 12% to 38%
  • ‘Looks like it’s made by people passionate about food’ climbed from 11% to 33%
  • ‘Looks like it’s made by people who care about food’ 11% to 30% 
  • ‘Looks great tasting’ climbed from 14% to 36% "

Designed by Honey

Country: United Kingdom

City: London


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